Kagerow Bamboo Rod Information


Kagerow Basic @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
A crisp fast action rod for dry fly fishing on a little creak or freestones stream.
‚Uf0h`7f8hA‚Qpcs or ‚RpcsA#‚Q@#‚R@#‚S@

Kagerow Main River@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
2pcs model with progressive action having powerful butt for long distance casting.
3pcs model with smooth progressive action for slow and quiet casting for rise fishing.
‚Uf‚Wh`‚Wf‚QhA‚Qpcs or ‚RpcsA#‚R@#‚S@#‚T@#‚U@

Kagerow Moonlight@@@@@@@@@@@@@
A one&half built strategic rod for specified wet fly fishing.
‚Vf‚Uh`‚Wf‚QhA‚Qpcs (one&half)A#‚S@#‚T

Kagerow Sera@@@@@@@@@@@
A crisp medium-fast action 4pcs design, 20"collapsed rod for dry fly fishing
on a freestone stream in a highland.

Kagerow Japan@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
A sensitive rod with delicate action for smoll creak fishing mode of Madake,
a Japanese traditional bamboo material having smooth and atrong power fibers.
‚Uf‚Oh`‚Vf0hA‚Qpcs or ‚RpcsA#‚Q@#‚R@#‚S

Kagerow Kei (Penta)@@@@@@@@@@@@
A pentagonal rod with very smooth parabolic medium action.
‚Uf‚Uh`‚Vf‚WhA‚Qpcs or ‚RpcsA#‚Q@#‚R@#‚S

Kagerow Kei Japan (Penta) @@@@@@@@@@@@ @
A pentagonal, smooth and sensitive rod for dry fly fishing on a little creek,
castable accurately to narrow spot. Mode of highquolity Madake cane.
Japanese timber bamboo. Available natural cane color only.
‚Uf‚Oh`‚Vf‚OhA‚Qpcs or ‚RpcsA”‚Q@”‚R@

Kagerow Duo
A special rod alternately sticked together with strips of Madake (long-jointed bamboo)
and Tonkin canes, a light two-tone collaboration blank.
Smooth action for a little creek or freestone stream fishing, with both delicacy from
Madake and a sharpness from Tonkin.
‚Uf‚Uh`‚Vf‚UhA‚Qpcs or ‚RpcsA”‚Q@”‚R@”‚S

My Kagerow
A Reel seat is Urushi japan finish.
Please enjoy a traditional Japanese beauty.
Please choose from each series rod action.
It is the finest model of Kagerow.

EEvery model comes with rod bag, and aluminum tube.

EIntermediate Thread Winding
ERod Tube Covered by Leather
EWood case
EDouble Build Reel Seat
EBamboo Built Reel Seat
ETigar Pattern Flamed Blank
ENewly Built A Tip Section
EAgate Guide

EGold Leaf Thread


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